504729 Relief System Design Breakthrough Enhances Steady-State Rigor; Seamlessly Integrates Dynamics; Makes Best-Practice Safety and Operability Analysis Cost-Efficient

Thursday, October 12, 2017: 1:30 PM
A4 (Moody Gardens Hotel)
Dewayne Anderson, Virtual Materials Group, Houston, TX

A new, higher level of workflow integration is introduced for steady-state and dynamic sizing and performance validation of relief valves and flare networks. Technical shortcomings of legacy steady-state tools are noted, then shown to be overcome by new, fully rigorous steady-state methods. Additionally, the benefits of rigorous dynamic performance validation are reviewed. Now, a reimagined tool, inspired by demands of industry experts, delivers a consistent, rigorous, fully integrated, and much more cost-efficient steady-state to dynamic flare system modeling workflow. Therefore, these most rigorous and respected methods for hydraulic design of safe and operable relief systems can now be extended for the first time to projects with more limited engineering budgets.

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