195 Kister Distillation Symposium 2017: New Developments in Distillation Science

Thursday, March 30, 2017: 8:00 AM - 10:40 AM
302AB (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
This session will include presentations in the area of new development in Distillation Science.

Topical 8: Kister Distillation Symposium
Young Professionals Committee (YPC) (18C)

Henry Z. Kister
Email: henry.kister@fluor.com

Michael Pritchett
Email: pritm1@bp.com

Nicholas F. Urbanski
Email: sepdivarea2a@aol.com

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on the online proceeding.

8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks

8:05 AM
(195a) Quantification of the Effect of Viscosity on Point Efficiency of Sieve Trays in Distillation Columns
Raj Manivannan, Mason Dupre, Ken C. McCarley, Tony Cai, Sayeed Mohammad and Clint P. Aichele

8:35 AM
(195b) Investigating the Impact of Feed-Air Saturation in Air-Water Spray Entrainment
Mason Dupre, Raj Manivannan, Tony Cai, Ken C. McCarley and Clint P. Aichele

10:35 AM
Concluding Remarks
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