171 Mechanical Integrity, Asset Integrity, Damage Mechanisms, and Condition Monitoring II

Wednesday, March 29, 2017: 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM
217CD (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Managing asset integrity involves designing, procuring, constructing, and maintaining process facilities that provide robust and reliable containment and control of process hazards over the entire facility lifetime. Damage mechanisms such as corrosion, erosion, fatigue, embrittlement, mechanical damage, including damage mechanisms resulting from operating a process outside of its integrity operating window, can lead to loss-of-containment events. This session is an opportunity to share new learnings about damage mechanisms and advances in condition monitoring techniques to detect damage mechanisms. Papers are also welcomed on other aspects of mechanical integrity programs such as addressing aging plants; deficiency management; identifying critical equipment; and determining inspection, testing and preventative maintenance strategies using risk-based methods.

51st Annual Loss Prevention Symposium (LPS)

Mike Moosemiller
Email: mmoosemiller@bakerrisk.com

Walter L. Frank
Email: wlf@FrankRisk.com

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10:15 AM
(171a) New Guidelines for Managing Asset (Mechanical) Integrity
Eric Freiburger, Michael P. Broadribb, John Murphy and Robert W. Johnson
File available
10:45 AM
(171b) Fracture Toughness and Brittle Failure – a Pressure Vessel Case Study
John Puryear, Guillermo Ramirez, Clint Botard and Kollin Kenady
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