186 YP Tutorial: Separation Process Fundamentals

Monday, March 27, 2017: 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
302C (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
This session will feature tutorial sessions for young professionals on equipment, operations, and troubleshooting of separation processes.

Young Professionals Committee (YPC)
Separations Division (02)

Anand Vennavelli
Email: vennavelli@fri.org

Anand Govindarajan
Email: anandg@the310i.com

1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks

1:35 PM
(186a) Distillation 101
Daniel R. Summers

2:05 PM
(186b) Distillation & Absorbtion Equipment - Tower Internals
Anand N. Vennavelli, Tony J. Cai and Chao Wang

2:35 PM
(186c) Operation and Control of Distillation Columns
Anand N. Vennavelli and Tony J. Cai

3:05 PM

3:20 PM
(186d) Energy Savings & Distillation
Tony J. Cai, Anand N. Vennavelli and Ken C. McCarley

3:50 PM
(186e) Acid Gas Absorption Fundamentals
Clint P. Aichele and Michael R. Resetarits

4:20 PM
(186f) Process Investigations Using Radioisotope Techniques
Brian Davis, Andy Burleigh and Lowell Pless

4:50 PM
Concluding Remarks
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