182 Case Histories and Lessons Learned - GCPS Joint Session

Wednesday, March 29, 2017: 1:30 PM - 4:45 PM
Stars at Night Ballroom B4 (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Reviews of process safety incidents provide valuable learning opportunities. This session invites papers to help understand the causes and lessons learned from incidents in the industry with an emphasis on events that have helped define and develop the process safety field over the years.

51st Annual Loss Prevention Symposium (LPS)
19th Process Plant Safety Symposium (PPSS) (T1A), 32nd Center for Chemical Process Safety International Conference (CCPS) (T1B), 6th Process Safety Management Mentoring (PSMM) Forum (T1D), Perspectives on Process Safety from Around the World (T1E), Process Safety Spotlights (T1F)

Kathleen A. Kas
Email: kkas@dow.com

Brooke Beveridge
Email: brooke.beveridge@bayer.com

Donald J. Connolley
Email: Don.Connolley@bp.com

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on the online proceeding.

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1:30 PM
(182a) Waste Solvents to Trash Haulers: Lessons Learned from Hazardous Waste Accidents
Delmar "Trey" Morrison, Michael Stern and Carmen Osorio
File available
2:30 PM

4:00 PM
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