2 Ethylene Plant Process Control Session

Monday, April 11, 2016: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Grand Ballroom EF (Hilton Americas - Houston)

Papers related to process control and real-time optimization issues in ethylene plants will be presented. The level of detail will be appropriate for non-process control specialists. The session will mostly center around control, optimization or energy efficiency applications, issues and solutions. Other topics may be covered as well. This session will also include a panel discussion on the topic of maintaining Advanced Process Control applications.

Topical 4: The 28th Ethylene Producers’ Conference
Sasha Vragolic Email: sasha.vragolic@fhr.com
Eddy Fontenot Email: eddy.fontenot@aspentech.com
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10:25 AM

File available
10:35 AM
(2a) Improving Temperature Measurement and Control Using the Exactus Optical Thermometers
Kevin M. Van Geem, Pieter A. Reyniers, Richard Marx and Mark Foerch