186 Fouling and Corrosion Solutions

Wednesday, April 13, 2016: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
343A (Hilton Americas - Houston)

Petroleum fouling and corrosion costs refineries billions of dollars per year. This Session will include methods to predict, detect, and determine the causes of fouling and corrosion and, with this knowledge, how to mitigate them to improve energy efficiency, reliability, and runtime.

Topical 7: 19th Topical on Refinery Processing
Simon J. Pugh Email: simon.pugh@ihs.com
Francesco Coletti Email: f.coletti@hexxcell.com
Artur W. Krueger Email: artur.krueger@gmail.com
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1:30 PM
(186b) Consider Thermal and Hydraulic Impacts of Fouling in Crude Preheat Exchanger Design
Krishnan Chunangad, Robert Chang, Lou Curcio and Richard Casebolt

2:00 PM
(186c) Cleaning Heat Exchangers: How, When, Where and How Much?
Francesco Coletti, Laura Lanchas, Emilio Diaz-Bejarano, Sandro Macchietto and Victor Francia

File available
2:30 PM
(186d) The Stratification of Crude Oil Residues at Elevated Temperatures Detected Via in-Situ ESR
Sergey N. Trukhan, Rosa I. Rueda-Velásquez, Velu Subramani, Oleg N. Martyanov and Francesco Coletti