446613 ASTM D6299 and Leveraging Real-Time Analytics from the Lab

Monday, April 11, 2016: 2:30 PM
343B (Hilton Americas - Houston)
Jim Petrusich, Northwest Analytics, Portland, OR

The EPA’s new Tier 3 environmental standards require changes with employing ASTM D6299 to closely monitor emissions.  This requires tighter control and deploying new analytic procedures.  Frequently comparing control limits with T tests and F tests are adding steps which may be streamlined using automated procedures.  We will also explore methods for automating lab instrument monitoring by streamlining the SQC duplicates and standards testing.  Comparing real-time visibility of lab results with online analyzers can also provide powerful insights, but these projects face challenges with data alignment, and integrity.  Issues with lead/lag relationships and data method variety such as sample vs event vs time based data, create complications for proper aggregation.  These issues can be complicated with measurement errors, gaps in data, and noisy data.  The session will showcase examples of how these challenges were overcome, and how additional value was achieved by being able to identify online instruments which may need attention.  These methods provide the potential for refineries to run at higher levels of efficiency, reduce the need to downgrade product, and meet new regulatory standards.

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