444925 Compressor Wash Oil Supply in a Light Feedslate Environment

Tuesday, April 12, 2016: 9:35 AM
Grand Ballroom EF (Hilton Americas - Houston)
Yang Yang, Exxon Mobil Chemical, Baytown, TX, Megan Harrison, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Spring, TX and David Dutschmann, Baytown Olefins Plant, Exxon Mobil Chemical, Baytown, TX

The shale gas development, primarily in the US, has resulted in lower cost feedstocks for gas cracking and thus the addition of new gas cracking capacity. This increased capacity has resulted in increasing demand for Compressor Wash Oil. Furthermore the transition of some naphtha (liquid) crackers to gas feedstocks has further increased demand for Compressor Wash Oil. With this transition fewer internal streams are available for use as Compressor Wash Oil. Current products used for Compressor Wash Oil are generally C10-C12+ aromatic based. This paper will focus on the desirable properties for a Compressor Wash Oil.

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