444679 UOP RZ PlatformingTM Technology - Maximizing Profitability from Tight Oil

Tuesday, April 12, 2016: 9:00 AM
342 (Hilton Americas - Houston)
Jose Miramontes, PMT Business Management, UOP LLC, Des Plaines, IL and Jeff M. Bray, Optimization Services, UOP LLC, Des Plaines, IL

UOP’s RZ PlatformingTM Technology - Maximizing Profitability from Tight Oil

Presentation Highlights

The recent shale oil/gas phenomenon in the US is leading to an unprecedented surplus of light naphtha.  The consequential price pressure is now paving the way to the resurgence of the aromatic derivatives industry in the US.

The dramatic growth exhibited by the Eagle Ford formation (EF), rich in C6s/C7s, is presenting unparalleled challenges and opportunities alike for the US refining industry. 

The extraordinary high yields, RVP and low octane of the EF light naphtha require significant reconfigurations, revamps of the naphtha complex and ultimately, suboptimal sale of excess naphtha. 

The route of Zeolitic-based catalytic reforming technology, such as UOP RZ Platforming offers the opportunity to unlock the full EF potential by producing high-value benzene and toluene from cost-advantaged C6s and C7s.  

This presentation summarizes the outcome of a configuration study conducted for a generic USGC refinery faced with the challenge of maximizing EF processing and, ultimately, its profitability.  The case study analyses the re-configuration options to allow maximum EF processing vis-à-vis the economic environment for light naphtha.

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