444142 Robust Design of a Radiant Wall Burner for a High Temperature Environment Utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations

Monday, April 11, 2016
Exhibit Hall E (George R. Brown )
Addison Cruz, Research and Development, Callidus Technologies, LLC, Tulsa, OK

Radiant Wall Burners are often utilized in Ethylene Cracking Furnaces. The conditions and fuel gases for a specific unit can vary considerably within the unit and across similar units. With burner air preheated to high temperatures, premixing the fuel can result in dangerous and destructive flashback, while complete nozzle-mixing of the fuel can result in burner instability at startup or turn-down conditions. These challenges can be solved through the generation of a robust radiant wall burner design, which is facilitated by executing Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations of many different geometric configurations.

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