443990 Use of Hitran Tube Side Enhancement in Revamps to Improve Operability and Efficiency

Wednesday, April 13, 2016: 8:00 AM
343A (Hilton Americas - Houston)
Peter Drögemüller, R & D, Cal Gavin Limited, Alcester, United Kingdom and Peter Ellerby, Cal Gavin Limited, Alcester, United Kingdom

Over the past decades various innovations in the design of heat exchangers have been major driving forces in the improvement of thermal process efficiency. hiTRAN wire matrix technology is an example of one of those novelties. The technology is applied on the tube side of tubular heat exchangers and can play a vital role in boosting the performance of this equipment. It is of special interest in revamp situations since it can be installed in situ during operational shut down. The technology can be used most efficiently in tubular single and two-phase heat exchangers were poor tube side heat transfer is the limiting factor.
Poor performance can be found in exchangers operating under laminar and transitional flow conditions. Here hiTRAN technology can offer up to 8 times higher tube side heat transfer for the same pressure drop compared to the plain empty tube design.

This increased performance can be used in different ways. Often increased throughput is the highest priority. But reduced or increased outlet temperatures or lower temperature driving forces between the fluids can be of equal driving force for the plant operator to apply this technology.

Apparat from the clear economic benefits the use of this technology offers also operative benefits. Examples of this are suppression of waxing problems in aircooler operation or the suppression of flow instabilities in thermosiphon reboilers. The paper explains the basic concept when to apply this technology in single and two phase applications. Real case studies are presented, which show in detail the benefits when using hiTRAN technology in retrofit scenarios.

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