443832 Drivers for Operating Pilot Plant Processes and Associated Design Considerations

Wednesday, April 13, 2016: 4:00 PM
339A (Hilton Americas - Houston)
Rob Nunley, Pilot Plant Operations, Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research and Innovation Center (MATRIC), South Charleston, WV

There are a number of reasons a company may be interested in operating pilot plants.  Among these reasons are scale-up, process validation, continuous improvement of existing commercial facilities, and production of sample materials and/or market development quantities.  Each of these reasons introduce a different set of design and operational considerations. 

MATRIC operates pilot plant facilities under contract for a broad spectrum of clients, each with a different business need and reasons for wanting to complete piloting work.  The business drivers define the technical objectives of the pilot plant, the budget constraints, and the design considerations that go into the pilot plant.

This presentation will discuss various business and technical drivers behind piloting processes and the design considerations that should be considered depending on what is motivating the need for piloting.  These considerations include the sizing basis, handling recycle and purge streams, temperature loss management at small scales, and budget considerations.  The discussion will also cover the need for clear owners’ project objectives so that the needs and drivers of the sponsor are well understood and are properly incorporated into the pilot plant design.

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