443542 Hydrodeoxygenation of Phenols and Derivatives to Aromatics

Tuesday, April 12, 2016: 3:30 PM
344AB (Hilton Americas - Houston)
Maoqi Feng and Darius Daruwalla, Div. of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX

Phenols and substituted phenols can be produced from depolymerization of lignin, as we presented before at the AIChE conferences [1-2]. Hydrogenation of the phenols and substituted phenols to hydrocarbon aromatics provides a pathway for production of high octane number gasoline. In this study, phenol, anisole, 2,6-tert-butyl-3-methyl phenol and their mixtures were used as model compounds for hydrodeoxygenation catalyzed by different catalysts. The catalysts include conventional Ni(Co)Mo hydrotreating catalysts and noble metal catalyst supported on alumina. When toluene was used as the solvent, 100% conversion of the model compounds was obtained, however, methyl group transfer from the toluene to the model compounds were observed. The mechanism of the reactions is presented.


[1] Maoqi Feng, Darius Daruwalla, Kraft Lignin Depolymerization Under Hydrothermal Conditions, 2015 AIChE Spring Meeting & 10th Global Congress on Process Safety, Austin, Texas, April 27, 2015, Paper No. 56b.

[2] Maoqi Feng, Chee-Kai Tan and Darius Daruwalla,  Lignin Depolymerization in Ionic Liquids with the Presence of Hydrogen Transfer Agents, 2014 AIChE Spring Meeting & 10th Global Congress on Process Safety, New Orleans, March 31-April 3, 2014, Paper No. 63d.

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