443424 Energy Consumption Reduced By 8% in an Aromatic Extraction Plant

Wednesday, April 13, 2016: 2:00 PM
339B (Hilton Americas - Houston)
Larissa Severo1, Gustavo Müller2, Simone Marcon2, Augusto Raimundo2 and Marco Müller2, (1)Automation, Braskem, Triunfo, Brazil, (2)Process Control, Trisolutions, Porto Alegre, Brazil

The costs related with energy in a basic supplies unit are the second largest expenditure surpassed only by raw material. Facing the intense international competitiveness, any effort to reduce the energy consumption helps to improve the business performance. The enhancement of an energy efficiency indicator, besides the economical benefits to the company, improves the energetic performance, which is a comparison standard for petrochemical industries.

Taking this scenario into account, an Advanced Process Control (APC) system was implemented in the benzene, toluene and xylene extraction plant in UNIB2-RS/Braskem unit. The project’s main objective was to achieve and sustain a lower energy consumption, covering all extraction plant. As result, the APC obtained a reduction in the solvent flow, used in the components separation, by 10% generating an 8% cut in steam consumption. This reduction will guarantee an economy estimated in R$ 900 thousand (U$200,000) per year.

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