442380 CCPS Certification Process for Certified Process Safety Professional

Wednesday, April 13, 2016: 11:15 AM
360 (George R. Brown )
Chris Devlin, Celanese Corporation, Dallas, TX, Warren Greenfield, Ashland Inc., Bridgewater, NJ and David Belonger, CCPS Staff Consultant, Marlton, NJ



CCPS Certification Process for Certified Process Safety Professional


Over the past 30 years, CCPS has focused its global efforts in four key areas:

  • Promoting process safety among industry leaders as a key business value,

  • Serving as the leading and authoritative resource for process safety,

  • Advancing and developing the Body of Knowledge (BOK) of process safety, and

  • Educating professionals and supporting process safety education in universities.

CCPS now plans to leverage its efforts in the last two areas by establishing a professional credential – the Certified Process Safety Professional (CPSP).  The CCPS certification process will evaluate the applicants’ knowledge across the process safety Book of Knowledge (BOK), which over the past 30 years has been defined largely by CCPS, as well as DIERS, another AIChE Technical Entity.  The BOK has CCPS’s Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety at its core and is supported by dozens of other CCPS books and supplemented with key standards developed by a number of organizations.  The process of evaluation will be based on both career experience and assessment via a rigorous test.  Successful certificants will then maintain their knowledge and expertise through a range of continuing professional development activities, including courses, conferences, committee participation, teaching, and others.

When hiring or planning the career development of a certificant, employers and those hiring consultants will have evidence that the CPSP they are evaluating has developed a basic level of experience in process safety and the certificant is committed to advancing his or her abilities. 

This presentation will describe the process involved to become a Certified Process Safety Professional

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