442373 RAGAGEP Considerations for Relief and Flare Systems

Tuesday, April 12, 2016: 10:15 AM
362 A, B, D & E (George R. Brown )
Georges Melhem, ioMosaic, Salem, NH and Casey Houston, ioMosaic, Minneapolis, MN


Recent emphasis on RAGAGEP increased the scope of relief systems risk factors that require evaluation in order to develop complete and compliant Pressure Relief and Flare Systems (PRFS) documentation.

This paper discusses how RAGAGEP considerations now require evaluation and proper documentation of risk factors that are often overlooked including but not limited to: dispersion analysis, thermal radiation, noise, vibration risk, reaction forces and structural supports, metal cold temperatures due to expansion cooling and two phase flow, hot temperatures due to fire exposure and/or runaway reactions, PRV stability, and chemical reaction systems.

Important RAGAGEP considerations for these additional risk factors are highlighted and illustrated using several examples and case studies. Recommendations are provided on how to best address these factor in the evaluation and documentation of design basis.

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