441728 Human Factors Engineering:  Applying Prescriptive and Performance Standards Across the Globe

Wednesday, April 13, 2016: 8:30 AM
372 A & D (George R. Brown )
Kyle Wingate and Kerri Maurina, Lloyd's Register, Houston, TX

Incorporating human factors engineering (HFE) into any asset design can be a challenging task and is often dependent on regulatory and corporate requirements.  Regardless of the level of HFE involved, the intent is always to improve the overall design in order to minimize process safety events and increase performance.  Depending on the region, regulatory regime and many times internal company requirements; a range of both prescriptive and performance-based standards will be referenced and utilized.  Prescriptive requirements typically set forth specific technical criteria that must be adhered to within the design.  Performance-based requirements establish a functional goal or expectation, but allow more flexibility on how that objective will be achieved.  There has been a lot of debate over the best approach globally, but a hybrid of the two is the most common. 

This presentation will reference examples from multiple case studies that will highlight various HFE, or working environment (WE), methods and approaches from different regions around the world; with Norway and the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) being of particular focus.  The use of performance and prescriptive standards, including but not limited to OGP 454, ASTM F1166 and NORSOK S-002 will be discussed as well as a variety of applicable studies commonly used in the design phase of a major asset.  

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