441701 We Did a Quantitative Risk Assessment Study. Now What Do We Do with It?

Monday, April 11, 2016
Exhibit Hall E (George R. Brown )
Irfan Shaikh, Risk and Reliability, Genesis Oil and Gas, Houston, TX

Quantitative Risk Assessment studies have been extensively used in risk based regulatory regimes and they are becoming more common as a replacement for facility siting requirements in Process Safety Management (PSM) covered regulatory regimes and as a corporate risk management tool.  Besides assessing risks to society and personnel, it can also assist in practical risk reduction implementation in design projects and operating assets. This paper intends to discuss these practical risk reduction implementation to show value to projects and operating assets, and how implementation can be achieved to using specific examples.  The following examples will be discussed in the paper and will outline a broader set of QRA implementation improvements:
  • Operating modes input to isolatable inventories and failure criteria
  • Failure mechanisms from Hazards and Operability studies, and corrosion or mechanical integrity surveys
  • Survivability criteria for manned and unmanned buildings for upgrades or siting challenges
  • Specialized consequence analysis such as uncommon release material, indoor releases, and elevated receptors.
  • Spill containment application
  • Thermal protection and passive fire protection application
  • Personnel and structural cryogenic protection application
  • Risk based fire and gas detection mapping
  • Escape, evacuation and rescue impacts
  • Operational risk reduction using performance standards

The objective of this paper would be to better understand how to utilize QRA studies by improving their content and by practical implementation (as necessary) of mitigating risk reduction measures in design projects and to existing assets.

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