441135 Design, Operation and Startup Strategy of a New Parallel C2 Splitter

Tuesday, April 12, 2016: 8:05 AM
Grand Ballroom EF (Hilton Americas - Houston)
Andre Bernard, NOVA Chemicals (Canada) Ltd., Corunna, ON, Canada


Feed transition to larger volumes of ethane is known to increase the operating loads in a C2 Splitter that was originally designed for a plant that processes a mix of NGL and Naphtha feedstocks. Revamp options such as changing to high performance trays may sometimes overcome the shortfall in capacity that can be expected due to the additional ethane feed. However, in some cases upsizing the tower or installing a parallel unit become the only viable options. This paper discusses the implications of processing larger volumes of ethane feed on a C2 Splitter along with the revamp options that could be considered. Operation and startup strategies are also discussed.  

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