440772 How Committed to Process Safety Is Committed Enough? - Doing Process Safety Cultural Communication As the Inevitable Ethical Dimension for Vision 20/20

Monday, April 11, 2016: 2:00 PM
360 (George R. Brown )
Long Zhang, Offhired from COP Jun 2014; no affiliation currrently, Tianjin, China

Temple model to Egg model ---  Tomb to house with alive landlord

Vision 20/20 's Myth or Reality ---  An Inevitable Ethical Dimension

Vocabulary of Future Process Safety Culture (PSCC)

Process Safety Culture is a Prison

RBPS Core Value as Landlord for the house and the key to the prison

Process Safety Cultural Communication(PSCC) - furure Process Safety Culture

Leadership Media Universe - govenance through PSCC

Benchmarking results againt The Art of War -- Only RBPS Core Value & PSCC could assure OD

4 new competencies of process Safety Leadership

7 Mega Elements , 22 Elements and the tone of future Process Safety Culture (PSCC)

What Egnineerting Ethics and Engineering Philosophy say about house and landlord ( RBPS Core Value ) relationship

Extended Abstract: File Uploaded
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