440398 Saudi Aramco Yanbu NGL Inspection: Improvement Pull Strategy

Monday, April 11, 2016: 10:30 AM
371 A, B, D & E (George R. Brown )
Yasser Almowalad, Yanbu NGL Fractionation Department, Saudi Aramco, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia and Lutfi E. Zamai, Aramco

Maintaining asset integrity is a challenging task requires engagement and encouragement of variety parties to ensure continuity of the facility operational excellence. Accordingly Saudi Aramco Yanbu NGL Fractionation Department / Engineering Inspection Unit (YNGLFD/EIU) established Inspection Excellence Program (IEP) aims at streamlining the deployed Inspection programs all at once. Inspection Improvement Pull Strategy toward upholding asset integrity is one of the initiatives that were initiated by the IEP and commended as an area of strength during 2014 Operations Inspection Unit assessment conducted by Saudi Aramco Central Inspection Department. 

Yanbu NGL Inspection Improvement Pull Strategy which actually was derived from the business process improvement concept, adopted to engage the inspection internal and external customers in upholding YNGLFD asset integrity as well as promote proactivity and involved comparative evaluations for the performance of YNGL Operating Areas and Inspectors. This presentation disseminates:

1)      Background on Yanbu’ NGL Inspection Excellence Program.

2)      The pull strategy within business process improvement framework.

3)      The deployed pull strategy comparative evaluations at Yanbu’ NGL along with their key measures.

4)      Success stories for adopting the pull strategy at Yanbu’ NGL.

As it applied the Yanbu NGL Inspection Improvement Pull Strategy achieved its target for improving partnership among YNGL Operating Areas and Inspectors, stimulating the momentum for upholding the operational excellence and providing quarterly and annual summary of accomplished activities.

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