439897 Indulging in Invincibility (III)- Twelve Steps to Sobriety

Monday, April 11, 2016: 6:25 PM
Exhibit Hall E (George R. Brown )
Brian Kolodji, Independent Consultant, Bakersfield, CA

<>8/3/2015 <>Indulgence in Invincibility (III)- Twelve Steps to Sobriety <>by Brian P. Kolodji, PE

Could Bhopal, Macondo, or Texas City have been prevented? Directly related examples are presented where PS cultural indulgences contribute to a false sense of invincibility. Light is shed on where the perennial dilemmas of misplaced loyalty, unachievable goals, and belief in corporate higher power contribute to and enable denial of process safety culture failure. Successes and a program are presented where these failed practices are brought out of the shadows and recovery begins.

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