439782 Making Process Safety Personal - Engaging the Front Line

Monday, April 11, 2016: 11:30 AM
360 (George R. Brown )
Laurence Pearlman, Marsh, Roscoe, IL and Susie Scott, Oliver Wyman, Chicago, IL

The front line is instrumental in implementing process safety, Yet they are rarely engaged in meaningful process safety discussions. We tend to assume that the front line will understand process safety concepts through osmosis.

Our industry has done reasonably well in educating our executives and middle managers about process safety and awareness, understanding and competence is growing.  However, incidents don’t happen in the office, they happen in the field.

This session explores best practices to engage front line leaders and effectively raise their awareness of process safety concepts. We will explore what are leading companies are doing to simplify messages and provide core concepts of process to those employees on the front line. The result of these efforts is to change front line behavior and reduce risk.

Specifically: we address: 

-       Introducing process safety without using ‘engineering speak.’

-       How to create short and powerful ‘bite size’ modules to deliver content

-       A survey of creative approaches to engage the front line

-       How to best deliver content that is relevant, local and creative

-       Identify the ‘big rules’ on maintaining simplicity and bringing process safety concepts to life.

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