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Padmaperuma, A. B.
27b Thermogravimetric Analysis of Bio-Oils and Upgraded Products
Padmaperuma, A. B.
27c Opportunities for Co-Processing Biomass Derived Intermediates in a Petroleum Refinery
56c Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Oxygenates in Oils Derived from Biomass
118a Solar Energy Harvesting and Storage Using a Salinity Gradient Solar Pond Under the Northern Cyprus Climate Conditions-Experimental Investigations and CFD Simulation
92c Energy Demand Response of Process Systems through Production Scheduling and Control
51b Economic Optimization and Hazard Analysis of a Mono-Chlorobenzene Process
Palmer, R. E.
181c A Novel Deethanizer Design at Elevated Operating Pressure without Dehydration
Palmintier, B.
92a Integrated Grid Modeling System: A Distributed Solar Power Case Study
Pan, X.
166c Identification and Location Estimation of Multiple Leaks from a Natural Gas Pipeline
Panacharoensawad, E.
69b A Self-Sufficient Wax Deposition Model for Horizontal Gas-Oil Slug Flow
Pandya, D.
37d The Effect of Computational Fluid Dynamics Methodology on Solid Particle Erosion Predictions
166b Adaptive Design of Rotated Inputs for Model Order Determination in Subspace Identification
Paraliticci, N.
141c Developing Credible Scenarios for a PHA
Parente, S.
138a Hydroprime® Modular Plants Provide Low Cost, Reliable Hydrogen
Park, C. Y.
82d Separation of Propylene/Propane in Facilitated Transport Membrane Containing Silver Nanoparticle
53a Aspen Plus Simulation of Steam-Biogas Reforming and Comparison with Experimental Data Obtained over a Metal-Foam-Coated Pd-Rh Catalyst
71ae Uncertainty Analysis for LOPA in the Offshore Industry
Park, H.
73l Effect of Porous Media on the CO2 Hydrate Formation
Park, S. Sr.
137b Methodology for Design of Knock out Drum Considering Internal Explosion in Flare System
Parker, W.
57b Fundamentals of Liquid-Liquid Extraction
178e Pre-Start Purge Procedure for Ethylene Cracking Furnaces By Inducing a Draft with Hot Air Flowing through One of the Convection Section Tube Banks
40b A Comprehensive Guide to Accurately Size Pressure and Vacuum Relief Devices for Atmospheric and Low Pressure Storage Tanks
70e Introducing a Dynamic Calculation Method for Pressure Relief Load and Orifice Sizing
87a Overlooked Factors in Pressure Relief Systems Design
192c Engineering Safe Pressure Relief for Existing Flare Systems
Patil, R.
85a Polymer Solution Preheating to Achieve Steam Usage Reduction in Polymer Isolation By Precipitation Jets
Patil, R.
112b Heat Transfer Improvement in the Concentrator System
Patki, A.
170c CFD Modeling of Air Emissions from Controlled Flare Tests
Paudel, S.
72z Improving Process Sustainability and Profitability for a Large U.S. Gray Iron Foundry (Electronic Poster Presentation)
118c Improving Process Sustainability for a Large U.S. Gray Iron Foundry
Paul, C.
90c Production of Asphalt Binder from Ohio Coal Resources
Paul, K.
105a Dynamics of Direct Spring Operated Prv's with Inlet Piping in Gas Service
Pearlman, L.
25a Creating a Culture of Chronic Unease
154a Are We Really Learning from Incidents? a Discussion of Best Practices and Common Mistakes
Pedhireddy, V.
102b A Case Study to Show How Bow-Tie Analysis Can be Used As an Effective Communication Tool in Risk Assessments
125b Evaluating Effect of Compositional Gradients on Asphaltene Stability in Reservoirs with CPA and PC-SAFT
Pelton, M.
146e Cracking Furnace Line Flushing Pre-Commissioning
142b Practical Considerations in Debottlenecking of Sour Water Stripper Units for Revamps
Perchuk, R.
146e Cracking Furnace Line Flushing Pre-Commissioning
Perepu, S. K.
72aa Classical PID Control in Presence of Missing Data Using Compressed Sensing Techniques
Peres, C.
86b Advanced Procedure Research Study - Applying Human Factor Principles to Procedure Presentation and Design
Perez, J. C.
207b Continuous Olefin/Paraffin Separation with Imtex Facilitated Transport Membranes
Perng, Y. Y.
94b Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling of a Subsea Jumper Pipe
Perry, M.
144d Packing Characterization for Post Combustion Capture: Model Development
Peters, J.
204c Predictive Analytics and Big Data in Chemical Industry
Peters, M.
55a Making Small-Scale Gtl a Reality
Petersen, A.
167b The Societal Risk of Process Industry Based on Integrated Assessment of Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) and Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Methodologies
39b CFD Modeling of LNG Spreading and Atmospheric Dispersion
66a The Human Factors behind Inherently Safer Design of LNG Liquefaction Terminals
70h Numerical Modeling of Pool Fire inside an Offshore Methanol Storage Tank
71at Predicting Far Field Blast Overpressures: An Evaluation of Enhanced Input Parameters for FLACS
149b Moving from Inspect and Reject to Predict and Prevent: Incorporating Real-Time Analytics into Your Manufacturing Alarm Management Strategy
73c Overcoming Kinetic Limitations of Cr(VI) Adsorption Onto Biosorbents: Biomas-Magnetite Bionanocomposite
91b Industrial Partnerships and PSM Standards in Canada
205b Lessons Learned from an Incident at a Cryogenic Gas Processing Faciltiy
207g Accurate Molecular Reconstruction of Cracking Feeds Improves the Predictions of Ethylene Yields
Piette, M.
67a Smart Grid: Communicating with the Smart Grid – the Role of Automated Demand Response Communications Systems
Pilling, M. W.
144b How Sensitive Is Your Treating Plant to Operating Changes – Part 2
Ping, P.
71d Investigation of Self-Ignition Risks of Iron Sulfides in the Sour Crude Oil Storage
150a Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Pillow-Plate Condensers
74v Role of Surface Properties in Predicting Viscosity of Concentrated Coal-Water Slurries
70w Summary of Macondo Inquiries and Recommendations
122c Active Versus Passive Fire Protection - Getting the Balance Right
Platvoet, E.
2c Ultra Low NOx Burner Testing and Field Validation for an Ethylene Furnace Retrofit Application
45c Coking Mechanism in Refinery Fractionator Wash Beds
57c Radioisotope Applications for Obtaining Detailed Process
179a Monitor Fouling in Distillation Towers with Gamma Scanning
179e Stripper Tower Capacity Problem Resolved Using Gamma Scanning Technology
Poblete, B.
70ad Exploring Dependencies of Ignition Locations on Probabilistic Explosion Analysis
71h Why Do We Still Have Blast Walls on Offshore Platforms?
102c The Lifecycle of a Process Safety Recommendation
Poblete, C.
102c The Lifecycle of a Process Safety Recommendation
Poddar, S.
155a Transformational Leadership: Creating a High Performance Team from a Diverse Pool
155c Q&A Panel of Session Speakers
Poirier, M.
77b Design and Testing of a Pilot-Scale Filter to Remove Contaminants from Radioactive Waste
128b Scaling Solid Resuspension and Sorption for the Small Column Ion Exchange (SCIX) Processing Tank
Polcyn, M. A.
70d Alternative Screening Level Models for the Siting of Structures Subject to Potential Blast Hazards
137a LNG Spills on Water: A Comparison of the Shallow Water Model to Experiments
199a Planning Early for Compressor Surge Avoidance
Poppen, A.
71bc Critical Success Factors for Effective PHAs
Portillo, J.
144b How Sensitive Is Your Treating Plant to Operating Changes – Part 2
169c Dow Laboratory Safety Academy Promotes Safety Mindset in Future Chemical Workforce
Pourkashanian, M.
73k Topology Optimisation for Optimal Shape Selection of Solar Parabolic Trough Receiver (Electronic Poster Presentation(Electronic Poster Presentation (Electronic Poster Presentation)
38b Thermocatalytic Biofuels Process Development
72a Importance of Modeling and Simulation in framing a Process Development Career
Praderio, A. J.
144b How Sensitive Is Your Treating Plant to Operating Changes – Part 2
195c Kinetic Studies of Carbon Dioxide Capture By Potassium Carbonate Supported on Activated Carbon Using a Fluidized Bed Reactor
71z Lessons on Achieving Cost Effective ISA 84 SIS Lifecycle Sustainability
Privitera, M.
35a Instrumentation, Automation and Control Applications in a Pilot Scale Supercritical Biodiesel Process
63a Leadership and Management of Chemical Mega Projects
101c Practical Aspects of Slurries and Solid Liquid Separations
155b Chemical Mega Projects and High Performance Teams
87c Auditing Relief Systems Design Basis - Best Practices
Provost, J.
112a Revamping, Debottlenecking and Optimizing Ethylene Plants Using Enhanced Heat Transfer Solutions
110c Toxicity-Hazard Index and the "Infinite Point"