151 Challenges in Tier 3 Compliance Cont'd

Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 3:30 PM
15 (Austin Convention Center)
This session will consider the challenges that accompany tighter motor fuels specifications and potential solutions. These standards are known as Tier 3 in the U.S.A., but many regions are implementing similarly enhanced environmental standards, including "China 5". The U.S. EPA's Tier 3 program aims to improve air quality and public health by reducing vehicle emissions and gasoline sulfur content. Tier 3 standards will begin in 2017. However, incremental gasoline desulfurization to <10ppm levels can be a significant challenge to refiners; just as tighter vehicle emission standards (i.e. LEV III) can be a significant challenge to the automotive industry. Papers and presentations on all aspects of Tier 3 challenges, technical solutions, implementation, experience, and impact, et cetera, are encouraged.

Topical 7: 18th Topical on Refinery Processing
Environmental Division (09)

Andy Towarnicky
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Catherine Mukai
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3:30 PM
(151a) FCC Gasoline Desulfurization and Tier 3 Solutions
Arvids Judzis Jr. and Stephen Williams