101 Best Practices in Pilot Plants II

Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 10:15 AM
408 (Hilton Austin)
This general session on pilot plants will exhibit views and examples of best practices for pilot plants, including scale-up and scale-down, continuous or staged pilots, use of specialized in situ or off-line analysis tools, or other tricks that can make-or-break the effectiveness of a pilot program.

Pilot Plants

Oliver Orrell
Email: oorrell@zeton.com

Hsiang Yee Lai
Email: hsiang.lai@swri.org

10:15 AM
(101a) Dimensional Analysis of Liquid Flow through Packed Columns
Jonathan H. Worstell, Maxwell W. Smith, Eric Doll, Cesar Dam, Christina Mercedes, Bor-Yea Hsu and Bing Shang Hsu

10:45 AM
(101b) Nozzle Spray Delivery Studies for High-Viscosity Shear-Thinning Fluids
Yuxi Zhang, Michael D. Cloeter, Smita Agrawal, Jana Rajan, Jaime Curtis-Fisk and Puspendu Deo
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