118 Process Research and Development for Industrial Sustainability II

Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 10:15 AM
406 (Hilton Austin)
Today, economic drivers are driving us towards the reduce, reuse, and recycle of materials, energy, solvents, water and the like in the design of our processes. This session will focus on such processes that while improving the economics of product manufacturing also ultimately leads to the improved sustainability of industrial processes. Papers from theoretical or practical contributions in all related areas are welcomed, such as technology innovation for environmentally benign manufacturing, process development for green products and sustainable alternative energy resources, emission reduction and energy savings, as well as the integration of sustainability analysis into process design and operations and supply chain management.

Process Research and Innovation
Environmental Division (09), Process Development (09D), Sustainability (09G)

Santiago Faucher
Email: sfaucher@hatch.ca

Tom Enright
Email: tom.enright@xerox.com

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10:15 AM
(118a) Solar Energy Harvesting and Storage Using a Salinity Gradient Solar Pond Under the Northern Cyprus Climate Conditions-Experimental Investigations and CFD Simulation
Soudabeh Gorjinezhad, Mohammad Askari, Negar Zare Pakzad, Dilem Eroglu, Abdul Rehman Rajab Habib, Sevgi Gödelek, Mehdi Amouei Torkmahalleh, Goodarz Ahmadi, Orhun Kahraman and Sultan Kadyrov

10:45 AM

11:15 AM
(118c) Improving Process Sustainability for a Large U.S. Gray Iron Foundry
Prashant Nagapurkar, Shyam Paudel and Joseph D. Smith
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