210 Decision Making for Industrial Process Systems II

Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 3:30 PM
404 (Hilton Austin)
Modern methods for mathematical programming and uncertainty quantification, along with availability of robust implementations have enabled wider use of systems ideas for decision-making in the chemical industry. We invite contributions on the use of process systems engineering concepts in current industrial practice. Emphasis will be on the use of statistical, optimization, and simulation techniques for improvement of process, plant, and site-wide operations. Presentation of real-world industrial case studies is highly encouraged.

Computing Systems and Technology Division

Satyajith Amaran
Email: SAmaran@dow.com

Bikram Sharda
Email: BRSharda@dow.com

Anshul Agarwal
Email: AAgarwal2@dow.com

3:30 PM
(210a) Using modeling to control a chemical plant flare
Jonathan D. Mendenhall and Jim Sturnfield

4:30 PM
(210c) Discrete event simulation applied to rail fleet management
Adriana Vazquez, John M. Wassick and Kevin Hunter
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