109 Enabling Process Innovation Through Computation-Epic II

Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 10:15 AM
416AB (Hilton Austin)
This session will focus on the use of advanced multiphase flow simulations that can offer unique insight into the complex processes involved in topics such as reaction, separation, or blending processes in the chemical and energy industries. The goals of this session are to review the current state of the art and bring together practitioners from industries, developers of such advanced simulation tools, as well researchers from Universities and government laboratories. Such insight can be used to conceive, design, troubleshoot, optimize, and build new generations of devices to improve process operations and efficiencies, saving a significant amount of energy consumed in these operations.

Topical Five: Emerging Technologies in Clean Energy for the Twenty-First Century

Ryan Anderson
Email: ryan.anderson@coe.montana.edu

Gyeong Hwang
Email: gshwang@che.utexas.edu