62 Hydrogen Energy II

Monday, April 27, 2015: 3:30 PM
415AB (Hilton Austin)
Overview: This session will cover hydrogen production, purification, storage and utilization. The session will discuss new, alternative and under-development technologies for carrying out all of the operations.

Topical Five: Emerging Technologies in Clean Energy for the Twenty-First Century

David Wood III
Email: wooddl@ornl.gov

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4:00 PM
(62b) Computational Thermodynamic Analysis of Solar Fuel Production Via Metal Oxide Based H2O and CO2 Splitting Thermochemical Cycles
Moustafa Hussein Ali, Shiva Yousefi, Dareen Dardor, Jamila Folady, Shahd Gharbia, Mehak Jilani, Anand Kumar, Rahul Bhosale and Fares A. AlMomani