25 Committed Culture II

Monday, April 27, 2015: 1:30 PM
18BC (Austin Convention Center)
This session will be focused on the Vision 20/20 Industry Tenet of Committed Culture. In a Committed Culture, executives involve themselves personally, managers and supervisors drive excellent execution every day, and all employees maintain a sense of vigilance and vulnerability. Papers on this topic will highlight best practices in which executives, supervisors, managers, engineers, operators and mechanics enable and encourage a committed culture which supports safe and reliable operations.

30th Center for Chemical Process Safety International Conference (CCPS)

James Klein
Email: jklein@absconsulting.com

S. Dharmavaram
Email: seshu.dharmavaram@dupont.com

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1:30 PM
(25a) Creating a Culture of Chronic Unease
Laurence Pearlman and Susie Scott
File available
2:00 PM
(25b) Guidelines for Creating a Process Safety Culture Assessment Tool
Farheen Khan, Sunil Lakhiani and Delmar (Trey) Morrison
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