72 Poster Session - Advances in Simulation, Optimization, Modeling, and Control

Monday, April 27, 2015: 5:00 PM
Exhibit Hall 5 (Austin Convention Center)
Covering an array of themes involving improved capabilities for simulation, modeling, optimization, characterization, and control.
Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis (10D), Computers in Operations and Information Processing (10C), Information Technology (10E), Process Development Division (12), Manufacturing for the 21st Century (T3), Topical 7: 18th Topical on Refinery Processing (T7)

Joseph B. Powell
Email: Joe.Powell@shell.com

Wendy Young Reed
Email: wendyr@chemstations.com

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(72d) Dynamic Simulation for Poly-Ethylene Process By PC-SAFT Model
Gang (Gary) Xu, Nevin Gerek, Seiya Hirohama and Prasad Narasimhan

(72e) Advances in Liquid Level Systems for Process Control Education and Researches
Jietae Lee, Dong Hyun Kim, Dae Ryook Yang and Wonhui Cho
File available
(72k) Effect of the Grid Generation in Numerical Simulation of Spray Granulation Tower
Liuhai Feng, Yu Mao, Juan Wang, Jiangyun Wang and Fan Zhao

File available
(72p) A CFD Model-Based Optimization of a Process Burner Geometry (Electronic Poster Presentation)
Niveditha Krishnamoorthy, Nolan Halliday, Yuvraj Dewan and Ravindra H. Aglave

(72v) On-Line Optimal Control of Molecular Weight Distribution in Batch and Semi-Batch Free Radical Polymerization Processes
Navid Ghadipasha, Nazila Soleimani, Carlos A. Castor, Wayne F. Reed, Michael F. Drenski and Jose A. Romagnoli

(172b) Synthesis of Efficient Multicomponent Separation Processes
Gautham Madenoor Ramapriya, Joshua Huff, Mohit Tawarmalani and Rakesh Agrawal