82 Developments in Petrochemicals Aromatics and Polymers

Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 8:00 AM
13A (Austin Convention Center)
The session on: Developments in Petrochemicals --- Aromatics and Polymers will focus on project and technical developments mainly in the heavier petrochemical product areas, including updates in catalysis, thermodynamic characterization, modelling, economics, and other process innovations. Topic areas can include: polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene, and other polymer areas, as well as the production of aromatics (BTX), and aromatic derivatives such as, but not limited to, ethylbenzene, cumene, linear alkylbenzene (LAB), styrene, phenol, bis-phenol A, teraphthalic acid, polyethyleneteraphthalate, caprolactam, and polycarbonates.

Fuels and Petrochemicals Division

Robert J. Schmidt
Email: robert.schmidt@uop.com

Richard Kolodziej
Email: richard.kolodziej@mustangeng.com

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8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks

8:05 AM
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8:35 AM
(82b) Advanced Aromatics Recovery Technology with AED-BTX Process
Kuang Wu, Sung-Chul Yoo, Jeffrey Chiu, Ciputra Jap, Tzong-Bin Lin and Jyh-Haur Hwang
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9:00 AM
(82c) Cost Effective Control of Red Oil in Caustic Tower Systems
Kyle Mankin, P.N. Ramaswamy and Saurabh Shende

9:25 AM
(82d) Separation of Propylene/Propane in Facilitated Transport Membrane Containing Silver Nanoparticle
Chae-Young Park, JeongHoon Kim, Sang Hoon Han, Yongtaek Lee and Yong Soo Kang