214 Reactive and Intensified Distillation

Wednesday, April 29, 2015: 3:30 PM
408 (Hilton Austin)
The combination of reaction processes or heat integration to traditional distillation processes can lead to significant benefits for both reaction and separation processes. Both approaches can be considered as process intensification. Multiple examples of this technology can be found in both technical and patent publications. This session will focus on both the theoretical and experimental aspects of existing and new process applications of reactive and intensified distillation processes.

Process Intensification & Microprocess Engineering

William Hollar
Email: William.Hollar@sabic-ip.com

Nicholas F. Urbanski
Email: sepdivarea2a@aol.com

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3:55 PM
(214b) The Technical Reconstruction of the Double Effect Distillation for Methanol Process
Chengtian Cui, Changning Guo, Botao Xie, Jiexu Zhang, Weiwei Bai and Jinsheng Sun

4:45 PM
(214d) Synthesis of New Dividing Wall Columns for Thermally Coupled Distillation
Gautham Madenoor Ramapriya, Mohit Tawarmalani and Rakesh Agrawal
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