78 Big Data Analytics Academia Perspective

Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 8:00 AM
12B (Austin Convention Center)
Contributions are sought in the area of large-scale analysis algorithms amenable to mining time-resolved process data, as well as to transactional data collected in the course of enterprise-wide operations. Of particular interest are the effective use of data-rich data streams such as images and video feeds, and of information from broadly deployed wireless sensors, as well developments that result in novel, unexpected insights in process operability and control, improved energy efficiency and process sustainability. Also of interest are novel means for big data visualization and for conveying ever increasing amounts of information to process operators in real time.
Computing Systems and Technology Division (10)

Thomas F. Edgar
Email: tfedgar@austin.utexas.edu

Michael Baldea
Email: mbaldea@che.utexas.edu

8:00 AM
(78a) An Extensive Comparison Study of Batch Process Monitoring Approaches
Tiago Rato, Ricardo Rendall, Veronique Gomes, Swee-Teng Chin, Leo H. Chiang, Pedro Saraiva and Marco Reis

9:00 AM
(78c) Visualization and Fault Detection in Radial Coordinates
Ray Wang, Michael Baldea, Thomas F. Edgar, Mark Nixon, Willy Wojsznis and Ricardo Dunia
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