175 New Developments in Fire Exposure and Depressuring Systems Design and Evaluation

Wednesday, April 29, 2015: 8:00 AM
Ballroom F (Austin Convention Center)
Fire exposure has long been the governing criteria for relief design for many types of process equipment, vessels, and tanks. This session focuses on advances and novel approaches to dealing with this ubiquitous relief contingency including treatment of vessel wall heating, failure criteria, appropriate correlations for heat input, prediction of two phase flow from wall heating, the effect of equipment boiling dry during a fire event, and the design of depressuring systems. This session invites original papers that present new research in this area as well as novel and practical approaches to dealing with this contingency.


Michael J. Maness
Email: mjmaness@eastman.com

Georges Melhem
Email: melhem@iomosaic.com

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8:00 AM
(175a) Modification of the Diers Fire Exposure Test Methodology
Simon Chippett and Peter J. Ralbovsky IV
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