401407 Chemical Mega Projects and High Performance Teams

Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 3:50 PM
410 (Hilton Austin)
Marc Privitera, PreProcess, Inc, Walnut Creek, CA

A mega project is a high value, complex, interdependent, multi-organizational undertaking that creates a game changing difference in the landscape of chemical processing.  The bonds that are formed, the lessons that are learned and the impact that is felt spans careers, industries and businesses.  There is nothing more exciting.

Game changing mega projects are usually based upon some new process development that enables the cost optimization, capacity increase, or yield improvement on some needed chemical product.  Feedstock changes, energy efficiency or new production routes are usually the chemical engineering technology behind a mega project. 

A high performance team is built on excellence, confidence and passion.  All team members must be comfortable with knowing that all members know how to execute as a team and not just as a group of people.  Like a great shortstop and second baseman effortlessly turning double plays, each member of a high performance team knows that when they toss the ball their teammate will be there or as the member on the receiving end of the toss, they can make the play. 

Team dynamics are of support and continual improvement.  Tasks are organized and decisions are made with the data that is available.  There is always a positive build of solutions from the ever present “can do” attitude.  Needs are anticipated.  Plans are built, but the act of planning is the important effort, not the plan itself.  Goals are clear and the pathway forward may have multiple choices.  The team is continually adjusting upward to become more effective, efficient and enjoyable.

Leadership comes from the team, but there is a clear leader.  The agenda is transparent and the good of the effort and success of the team is the focus.  The individual success is measured more in how many “assists” versus how many “goals”.  Mega-projects are made for high performance teams.  Many complex interdependencies are required to be executed with the excellence that a high performance team demands.

Applying high performance team principles and practices will be reviewed through example from a recent $1.2 B effort.  Multiple recent examples of another $400 MM effort will be woven into the mix.  Tactics applied, lessons learned and some great stories of overcoming the challenges while delivering against demanding project technology, schedule and cost will be presented.

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