399871 A Tutorial on Model Based Loop Tuning

Monday, April 27, 2015: 3:30 PM
13B (Austin Convention Center)
James Beall IV, Global Industry Solutions, Emerson Process Management, Bryan, TX

This presentation provides a tutorial on tuning PID process controllers using the Lambda process model based tuning methodology. This tuning methodology allows the user to "coordinate" the response of related controllers in order to optimize the process performance rather than simply focusing on individual "optimized controller tuning". For example, is the process optimized by controlling the process variable (PV) close to the set point with aggressive moves of the controller output, or, is it optimized by allowing the PV to vary from the set point with less movement of the controller output? Either object can be easily met with this tuning methodology. Another application of this tuning methodology is the coordination of cascade loops. How do you know the tuning results in primary controller response being at least 5 -10 times faster than the secondary controller response? These questions are easily answered using the Lambda loop tuning method. The tuning equations will be explained and plant examples will be used to illustrate the concepts and results.

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