399865 Steam Cracking Furnace Pre-Commissioning

Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 4:20 PM
Salon D-E (Hilton Austin)
Robert Clauss, Systems Engineering & Commissioning, Linde Engineering, Pullach, Germany

In order to bring a steam cracking furnace from construction completion to beneficial operation, suitable pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures need to be successfully executed.  This period requires intense interaction between plant operations and connected disciplines as well as construction contractor personnel and staff of the furnace licensor.

While plant operators and engineers are indeed familiar with pre-/commissioning activities e. g. following a turnaround, they may go through steam cracking furnace pre-/commissioning only a few times during their career. Related steps are in part quite specific.  This paper summarizes the pre-/commissioning process with focus on steam cracking furnace-related activities to assure a safe and reliable operation.

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