399864 Control System Migration Gone Wild - Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Monday, April 27, 2015: 2:30 PM
13B (Austin Convention Center)
Laurie Ben, Global Business Development, Emerson Process Management, Round Rock, TX

You have configured the new automation system and reviewed the checklist.  Now at start up, loops are not performing the way you expected.  Valves are cycling, the process appears to be going wild. What did you forget? Where do you start? We will look at real projects were the conversions did not go as planned.  We will discuss lessons learned and share field-proven best practices to minimize the risk of this happening on your migration project.

Understanding both the legacy and a modern system architectures and control function details are key for successful system migration.  Differences of both systems must be fully understood to enable a successful migration to the new platform. Discussions of easily overlooked differences at the base control level is key to provide the required functionality needed for successful start-up.

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