399739 Cracking Furnace Line Flushing Pre-Commissioning

Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 3:55 PM
Salon D-E (Hilton Austin)
Ross Perchuk, Olefins Process Engineering, Equistar Chemical, LP, Channelview, TX and Michael Pelton, Olefins Reliability, Equistar Chemical, LP, Channelview, TX

The abundance of low cost shale gas has led to numerous projects in North America to expand existing or construct new ethylene production units.  Most of these projects involve the addition of new furnaces or the revamp of existing furnaces.  The successful startup of these furnaces is dependent on the design, construction and also the pre-commissioning activities to prepare the furnaces for fuel gas and process introduction. 

Pre-commissioning in particular is a critical phase in cracking furnace start-up and line flushing is an important step in the pre-commissioning process.  This paper presents the various methods of line cleaning and flushing, and addresses the many issues to consider during the planning and execution process.

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