399513 Fluid Injection Systems and Coatings to Combat Fouling and Corrosion in Cracked Gas Compressors

Monday, April 27, 2015: 10:00 AM
Salon B (Hilton Austin)
Doug Fisher, Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA and Matt Konek, Engineering, Elliott Group, Jeannette, PA

Fouling and corrosion have long been problems for centrifugal compressors in cracked gas (sometimes called charge gas or feed gas) service in ethylene plants.  Fouling occurs when a solid substance, usually polymers, adheres to the internal rotating and stationary surfaces of a compressor in contact with the process gas.  It can block the flow path of the compressor, gradually reducing its efficiency and it can cause increased vibration levels in the rotating element.  Corrosion is caused by impurities such as hydrogen sulfide, which can be found in the process gas.  These impurities can attack the components, even to the point of failure.

 This paper will explain what these problems are, how they arise, and how to solve them using specialized fluid injection systems and anti-fouling coatings.

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