399186 Improving Sustainability: Employees Can Design/Build the Car, but Management Holds the Car Keys

Monday, April 27, 2015: 2:39 PM
410 (Hilton Austin)
Paul Westbrook, Facilities, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

The adoption of more sustainable practices hinges on two key areas. One is the technology development that allows for improved processes. The other, which is more difficult, requires changes in our behavior, habits, and even our culture. Management sets the expectations and examples for the company culture and can have a tremendous influence on the speed and depth of sustainable practice adoption. Texas Instruments (TI) has implemented a variety of sustainability initiatives over the years. This presentation will explore the key factors that led to successful initiatives and review the results of those initiatives. Some of TI’s successes have been building the first LEED Gold semiconductor manufacturing facility in the world and cutting chip production energy intensity in half in just over 8 years.

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