398041 Pre-Developing an Asset Integrity Program during the Capital Project

Monday, April 27, 2015: 2:00 PM
17AB (Austin Convention Center)
F. Russ Davis, AIMS, Mistras Group, LaPorte, TX

Pre-Developing an Asset Integrity Program during the Capital Project

Russ Davis, CSP

National AIMS MI COE Manager

Mistras Group


Asset integrity program development has traditionally been implemented after new plants and new units are completed and commissioned.  Gathering asset process safety information for these new facilities is a daunting task.  It has taken years and lots of resources to collect all the necessary PSI and then more time and resources to get the data in a useable format.  Significant work must be performed after facility commissioning just to validate that the assets meet regulatory requirements. 

This paper will analyze the problems associated with PSI data gathering and baseline Mechanical Integrity program implementation.  A programmatic approach to asset integrity implementation will be proposed for new facilities.  This paper will discuss how to integrate the Asset Integrity implementation as an inherent part of the capital project.  The resulting of integrated Asset Integrity is a fully compliant program that meets regulatory requirements at the same time the facility is commissioned.  This approach is very much a component of inherently safer plant design. 

The result of pre-developing an asset integrity program is a safer, compliant facility at startup.  Implementing the asset integrity program during design and construction lowers the risk at startup and for the full life cycle of the facility.

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