397834 Phi Correction for Exothermic Gas Generation Rate

Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 1:30 PM
Ballroom F (Austin Convention Center)
Guibing Zhao, Chilworth Technology, Inc. - a DEKRA company, Princeton, NJ

Design of emergency relief systems to accommodate runaway reactions often requires using bench-scale adiabatic calorimeters to evaluate thermo-kinetic data of a full-scale reactor. The method to correct dT/dt from bench-scale experimental data to a full-scale reactor, phi correction, was well established. This study developed a similar method to correct exothermic gas generation rate from bench-scale data with a high phi factor to a full-scale reactor (phi = 1), which can be used for emergency relief system design. The technique was applied to a study of the real case emergency relief system design.

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