393691 Combining Traditional UOP HAZOP Analysis with Dynamic Simulation a New Process Safety / Risk Assessment Tool

Monday, April 27, 2015
Exhibit Hall 5 (Austin Convention Center)
Scott M. Wozniak and Bill Wiede, UOP a Honeywell Company, Des Plaines, IL

There is a clear link between safety and reliability in process design and operation.  The traditional UOP HAZOP analysis identifies potential operational failures and weak points in a process design; evaluates risks introduced by them and develops effective risk reduction strategies before a customer takes delivery of  a UOP Schedule A Process Design.  

This paper shows how our current UOP HAZOP methodology is supported by dynamic simulation and modeling techniques.  By leveraging this process technology, UOP can now deliver more robust HAZOP studies by integrating our current UOP Process Technology library of UNISIM flowsheet templates in all phases of the HAZOP work process. 

We will show how dynamic simulation can determine consequences of deviations from normal design exactly and how this tool can potentially identify new unknown hazards and safety issues.

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