46 Electronic Poster Session

Monday, March 31, 2014: 5:00 PM
Grand Salons 19-24 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
Electronic poster session

Global Congress on Process Safety
16th Process Plant Safety Symposium (PPSS) (T1A), 29th Center for Chemical Process Safety International Conference (CCPS) (T1B), 3rd Process Safety Management Mentoring (PSM2) Forum (T1D), 48th Annual Loss Prevention Symposium (LPS) (T1C), Process Safety Spotlights (T1E)

Jennifer Mize
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Elizabeth Lutostansky
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Joan M. Schork
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- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(46ah) Challenges of Explosion Risk Management in Artic Environments
Derek M. Engel, Are Brattetrig, Tom DeBold and Scott G. Davis
File available
(46f) Inherently Safer Design: Lessons Learned about the Principle of Simplification
Russell A. Ogle, Andrew R. Carpenter, Sean J. Dee and Brenton L. Cox

File available
(46l) Flame Propagation in Dust/Air Mixtures Under Reduced Pressure Conditions
Hannes Kern, Gerald J. Wieser and Harald Raupenstrauch
File available
(46u) Kinetic Identification and Risk Assessment Based on Non-Linear Fitting of Calorimetric Data
Charles Guinand, Michal Dabros, Bertrand Roduit, Thierry Meyer and Francis Stoessel

(46y) Control Systems Integrity Review - Selective Application of Controls Systems HAZOP (CHAZOP) Study
Steven T. Maher, PE CSP, David Bent, Whye Foong, Senem Weaver and Stephanie Smith
File available
(49b) ¬¬¬¬¬Development of Low-Charring Nanocomposites to Aid in Fundamental Understanding of Nanocomposite Flame-Retardancy
Logan Hatanaka, Sonny Sachdeva, Agustin Diaz, Zhengdong Cheng, Qingsheng Wang and M Sam Mannan
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