52 Light Tight Oil and Shale Gas Rapid Growth and Development - Panel Session

Tuesday, April 1, 2014: 8:00 AM
Grand Salons 1-6 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
There has been rapid development and production growth of light tight oil (LTO) and shale gas in the last five years in North America. To emphasize this point, United States crude oil domestic supply has increased over one million bpd in each of the past two years, among the highest historical gains worldwide. With these additional available resources, there are new challenges at the well, transporting, and processing safely. This session panel of subject matter experts will kick-off a meeting focus with current and forecast on these LTO and shale gas resources, along with the challenges and learning required to safely extract, transport, and process into fuels and petrochemicals. Additional sessions with more details will follow and can be found under Topical 2 for easy reference to these related topics. Panelist include Larry Kremer, Baker Hughes; Robert Loughney, Blue Marble Risk; Brian Kelly, Process Safety Consultant; Charles McConnell, Energy and Environment Initiative. Moderator is Joe Powell of Shell.

Shale Gas and Tight Oil
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