151 Gasification Technologies and Gas Clean-Up

Wednesday, April 2, 2014: 2:00 PM
Jasperwood (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
This session focuses on gasification technologies for syngas production along with various approaches for syngas purification. Topics may include, but are not limited to: gasifier technology (from pilot plant/experimental approaches to established commercial implementations), feed stock options, end markets and product slate, and syngas contaminant removal using adsorbents/solvent systems. Operating and troubleshooting, maintenance, and reliability papers for both syngas production and cleanup are also welcome in this session.

Topical 6: 14th Topical Conference on Gas Utilization
Environmental Division (09), Fuels and Petrochemicals Division (16)

William Rooney
Email: william.rooney@uop.com

Jeffery Gaspard
Email: jeffery.gaspard@kbr.com

Debalina Sengupta
Email: sengupta.debalina@epa.gov

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2:00 PM
(151a) Increasing Reliability and Functionality of Molecular Sieve Dehydrators
Benjamin A. Schmitt, Mikael Ekholm and Gene Eberhardt

3:00 PM